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Clinnect is a secure online patient referral portal offering


Unlimited sending / receiving of referrals
Control over types of referrals received

Specialists & Referring Providers

Patient referral tracking
End-to-end encryption of all patient data
Instant confirmation of sent referral receipt
Full referral history

Referring Providers

Unlimited sending of referrals
Access to all onboarded specialists

Access every onboarded specialist

Send referrals to any specialist registered on Clinnect using our referral form

An onboarded specialist is one who has signed up for Clinnect and has created a practice to receive referrals through Clinnect.

Fill out a simple form to send a referral. Enter basic patient information, specialist information, select an urgency, and attach any additional files. 

Confirm the information and hit send!

Let Clinnect make your life easier

Connecting referring providers to specialists, and eliminating the need for a fax machine

Choose a specific specialist or let Clinnect choose for you

What does this mean?

When you let Clinnect choose for you, we level load referrals for specialists. This is the first step towards evening wait list lengths among specialists, and it also ensures specialist’s receive a balanced practice. Referring providers no longer need to remember who does what and who is away – Clinnect keeps track for you.

Monthly or yearly rates starting at only



incl. tax

per practitioner

per month

or save $100 when you pay annually

at a rate of $560 per practitioner

Unlimited sending / receiving of referrals
Choose what categories you receive referrals in
Referrals are balanced across your speciality group

Referring Providers


incl. tax

per practitioner

per month

or receive 2 months free when you pay annually

at a rate of $250 per practitioner

Unlimited sending of referrals
Instant confirmation of referral receipt
Full historical referral tracking

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