Free Referrals

We are excited to introduce free referrals – sending referrals without an account and practice, for free!

Find out more about free referrals below.

What is a free referral?

A free referral is a referral that is sent by a user who does not have an account or practice and does not pay for Clinnect.

How does this differ from referrals sent by users with accounts and practices who pay for Clinnect?

There is nothing inherently different about the referrals sent by users with or without accounts and practices. However, there are differences in the referral sending process and the process after the referral is sent.

Differences in the sending process

Because sending users for free referrals do not have accounts or practices, we must collect user and practice information during the referral sending process. With an account and practice this information is not collected when sending a referral because Clinnect already has this information – users input it once during the registration process. 

Differences in the process after referrals are sent

Once a free referral is sent, the user has the opportunity to download/print the referral. Because all our patient information is encrypted, this is the only opportunity for users to download the referral. Users will be unable to access the referral information once they navigate away from the page. Users who send free referrals will receive an email with the referral number to let them know if the referral was accepted or declined.

This differs greatly from users with accounts. Once a user with an account sends a referral, they can always access that referral on their “Sent Page” in Clinnect. These users will receive updates in Clinnect if the referral category or urgency changes and if the referral is accepted or declined. They can also message directly with the receiving provider on the referral in Clinnect, and can attach additional files directly to the original referral.