Free Referrals

We are excited to introduce free referrals – sending referrals without an account and practice, for free!

Find out more about free referrals below.

Receiving a free referral

From the receiving side, receiving a free referral vs a paid referral looks mostly the same. However, there are some limitations in what is communicated back to the sending provider. 

What is communicated back to the sending providers for free referrals?

Since the sending users/providers do not have accounts/practices, they cannot receive updates in Clinnect about a referral. Since it is critical to patient care that the sending provider is aware if the referral is accepted or declined, this is emailed to the sender of the referral once you, as the receiver, accept or decline the referral. However, no other referral updates (category or urgency changes) are emailed to the provider. You can and should still update these fields to the correct values, as this will update the referral distributing algorithm.

Should I update the category for free referrals if it is wrong?

Although category updates are not emailed to the referring provider, it is still important to update the category on free referrals if it is wrong. When the algorithm distributes referrals, it takes into account the current category of each referral. In order for the algorithm to distribute referrals accurately, all referrals should have correct categories, including free referrals.

Can I message the sending provider on a free referral?

Free referral senders cannot access the referral once they send it, therefore, we have turned off messaging for free referrals. 

Can sending providers attach additional files to free referrals?

Since free referral senders cannot access the referrals after they are sent, they cannot upload additional attachments to the free referrals once it has been sent.