Free Referrals

We are excited to introduce free referrals – sending referrals without an account and practice, for free!

Find out more about free referrals below.

Sending a free referral

How do I send a free referral?

There are a few steps to sending a free referral. Specifically, enter user details, referring provider details, referral details, confirm, and download the sent referral/record the referral number. For more details, read through the steps below:


Starting August 2021: visit to send a free referral.


Enter your user details. If you are a MOA/Admin, this is your name and the email you want to receive referral updates to. If you are the referring provider, this is your name, the email you want to receive referral updates to, and your MSP number. When this is done click Continue.

Why do we need this information? It is important for receiving providers to know where a referral came from. Additionally, it is necessary for patient care that Clinnect can track who sent a referral and has contact information to send referral updates to.


Enter your provider/clinic details. If you are a MOA/Admin you will now be asked to enter the referring providers name and MSP. If you are the referring provider, you will not be asked to enter this again. Next, enter the clinic details – this is the clinic name (if you have one), the clinic phone number, and the clinic address. When this is done click Continue.

Why do we need this information? It is very important for receiving providers to know where and who a referral is coming from and to have a way to contact the office of the sending provider if needed.


Enter the referral details. This referral form is identical to the one used for paying Clinnect users. It collects demographic information about the patient, allows you to select an urgency, input any additional information, and upload any necessary attachments.

Every referral sent through Clinnect requires a category. The category/subcategory is used to determine a list of specialists who could receive the referral. For a full list of referral categories for each specialist visit our specialty categories list. Once you have selected a specialty, category, subcategory (if it applies), and region, you can choose a specific specialist or let Clinnect choose for you. If you let Clinnect choose for you, it balances the referrals by category across the specialists who receive referrals in that category.

When this is done click Finish & Review.


Confirm the details entered are correct. Once this is done click Confirm & Send.


Download the referral. After the referral has been successfully sent you will seen the following screen. It is very important that you download the referral as this will be your only opportunity to download the referral. Once you navigate away from the screen you will no longer have access to the referral. 

Ensure you have a copy of the referral number attached to your patient file for this patient – this number will be sent in email updates about this referral.

Because patient information is fully encrypted, we at Clinnect cannot access this information for you. The only people who will be able to see the information after you navigate away from this page are members of the receiving provider’s practice on Clinnect.

What happens after I send a free referral?

Once you send a free referral this is received by the chosen specialist in Clinnect. The specialist has the choice to accept or decline the referral. If they decline the referral they are asked to include a reason. When the specialist accepts or declines the referral this will be sent to the email you provided when sending the referral along with the referral number.  

You will not receive any other updates on the referral. If you are interested in having access to the referral after sending it, tracking the referral in app, receiving category or urgency updates, having the ability to upload additional attachments after you have sent the referral, or directly messaging receiving providers on the referral, you can do all this with an account. Learn more or register now!