Specialty Categories

Categories allow us to balance referrals between the specialists in a group.

Every referral requires a category. When we balance referrals we ensure each specialist has a balanced practice and that patients are sent to the specialist with the least number of patients (for that category) on their waitlist.

Don't see your specialty? Let's create your categories.

If you do not see your specialty categories above, we will need to create them and add them to Clinnect before you can start receiving referrals. Fill out the form to get started. If you already know some of your categories/subcategories, attach them to the form. These categories will be reviewed and verified by our medical liaisons. With you, we take a collaborative and iterative approach to determining the final categories. Once categories are finalized, our staff will input them into Clinnect, and you will be all ready to create a practice and start receiving referrals!

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